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isis online

Owned again! Your site is ours Daesh. You have nowhere to hide. You are weak, ” reads a message by hackers waging war on Isis ' online. ISIS info sheets are provided for you to download and print free of charge. If you would like to order printed copies of any of our info sheets (English language. Weapons Programs · More Studies. Tel: ; [email protected] isis - Institute for Science and International Security First Street, NW Suite ‎ Countries · ‎ About Us · ‎ Staff · ‎ Institute in the News. isis online

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Mikro said he has received so many death threats that he stopped bothering to record them two years ago, and keeps his name, identity and location a closely guarded secret for his own safety. Today, however, affordable devices, fast networks, and abundant social-media accounts directly feed a spectacularly large potential audience of young people. His correspondent in Oregon was Paul Dietrich, a programmer and digital activist joining jihad-related Twitter conversations out of curiosity. American aid worker, Kayla Mueller was the last American hostage known to be held by Isis. You've read of free articles this month. Al-Qaeda, in contrast, never controlled more than a few pockets of territory in such places as Somalia and Yemen. For example, over the summer the British government launched a tweet campaign to broadcast government messages against ISIS.


‘Muslims are biggest victims’: ISIS' online recruiting success story


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